Preschool Special Education

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Serving children in Colorado Preschool Program and/or Special Education

Disability Services:
Preschool Special Education

Evaluation to determine eligibility

Following the evaluation, a meeting is held with the child's parents and evaluators to determine if the child is eligible for Preschool Special Education. If the child is eligible, the team develops the Individual Education Program (IEP) to identify supports and services that best meet the child's and family's needs and priorities.

If children are not eligible, they are referred for a Preschool scholarship through the Colorado Preschool Program.

Services may include:

  • Enrollment at a community preschool at no charge to parents
  • Customized special education services such as: speech/language, motor, or educational experiences provided individually, in small groups, or in classroom settings
  • Consultation with the classroom teacher
  • Family support services
  • FIRST STEPS, Parents As Teachers home visits
  • Other option developed as needed

 Which Community Preschools Participate?

Click here for ECHO & Family Center Early Childhood Education Partners


How do I know if my child might need special help in preschool?

  • You may have concerns about your child’s speech, language, behavior, movement, learning, vision or hearing
  • Friends or other family members may be worried
  • Your doctor may refer your child
  • Your child may be referred from a ECHO screening 

What steps do I take to determine if my child needs special help in preschool?

  • Step 1 ECHO screening or referral 
  • Step 2 Developmental evaluation 
  • Step 3 IEP planning meeting 
  • Step 4 Choice of community preschool and other services 

What is a Developmental Evaluation? 

  • Parents meet with early childhood professionals and offer information about their child’s development 
  • Early childhood professionals will look at how your child talks, moves, uses materials and interacts. 
  • Are completed in a playful format 
  • Take about two hours to get to know you and your child 
  • Include a snack 
  • Identify things child can do & areas of development which need extra help 
  • Take place at ECHO Access Center 
  • Professionals review other evaluations or tests provided by parents 

ECHO Screening and Evaluation

  • You’ve heard that every child develops at his own pace. You may be worried that your child seems to be having difficulty with one or more early developmental skills. The developmental checklist can be helpful in identifying some key development tasks for your child’s age. 
  • Click here to obtain screening information.

Developmental Checklist

Three Years 

  • Walks up stairs 
  • Stands momentarily on one foot 
  • Rides tricycle 
  • Feeds self with utensils 
  • Opens doors 
  • Verbalizes toilet needs 

Four Years 

  • Hops in place 
  • Throws ball overhead 
  • Catches ball bounced to him 
  • Copies circles 
  • Points to six basic colors 
  • Knows own sex, age, last name 

Five Years 

  • Walks backwards, heel-toe 
  • Runs on tiptoe 
  • Prints a few capital letters 
  • Recognizes own printed name 
  • Cuts food with knife 
  • Plays cooperatively with others 
  • Recognizes coins 
  • Can tell simple stories and recall events 
  • Laces shoes 

Talk with ECHO if you are concerned that your child’s development is delayed. You can count on ECHO to follow through with further screening and/or evaluation for your child and to answer your questions.