Crib to Kindergarten

Fremont County Early Childhood Mental Health 

From Crib to Kindergarten is a way our community can provide early childhood mental health services.

Children birth to five-years-old are eligible for the program, with the youngest children a priority. These services will support young children's emotional health through a continuum of comprehensive, individualized, culturally competent services that focus on promotion, prevention and intervention.

Infant/Toddler Mental Health

Infant/toddler mental health is the state of emotional and social competence in young children who are developing typically.

The essence of infant mental health work lies within the parent-child relationship.

  • A baby is not sleeping or eating well
  • A child is angry or excessively destructive
  • A young child has problems establishing relationships
  • A young child is not developing normally or has medical problems that affect his emotional or physical growth
  • A mother is depressed and can't focus on caring for her baby
  • A baby has had pre-natal exposure to alcohol or drugs

Services Provided By:

The Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists. They provide services to children, parents or the family in the home or clinic. Some of the Specialists are graduates of the Irving B. Harris Fellowship program in Child Development and Infant Mental Health. The Early Childhood Behavior Team provides consultation to childcare, preschool teachers and child care home providers.  

ECHO- 719-276-6174 Solvista- 719-275-2351