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“All children have within them the potential to be great kids. It’s our job to create a great world where this potential can flourish.” – Stanley Greenspan, MD – Great Kids 2007 – www.icdl.com 

Early Intervention Colorado is a State system of services and supports for families who have infants or toddlers, from birth to age three, with disabilities or developmental delays. Locally, the Early Intervention office for Fremont, Chaffee, and Custer counties is located at SPIN on the North Side, 517 North Diamond in Canon City (719-275-1950). The Service Coordinator's job is to inform parents and early childhood providers about the full range of services and supports that eligible children and their families are entitled to receive through Early Intervention Colorado (Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). This means that an assigned service coordinator meets with families who have concerns about their child’s physical, cognitive, social/emotional, language and/or adaptive development. That person will help families assess their needs and work with them to design a plan of action (eicolorado.org), so that the child and his/her entire family receive the interventions, therapies, services and supports that allows each child to develop to his/her full potential. It is especially important to utilize the early childhood years, as gains made during these precious years last a lifetime – waiting until school age to begin interventions means the developmental advantages of the early childhood years are lost.