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Serving children in Colorado Preschool Program and/or Special Education


Why Should I Send My Children To Preschool?


Schooling is an important part of life. The early years can be a strong base for your child to gain the

knowledge, skills and confidence to become a successful learner.

Families are an important part of the learning puzzle for children. A preschool program will not only

encourage your child and help them develop the needed knowledge and skills, but it also can support

you in your role as a parent.


What Is the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP)?


CPP allows eligible children to go to high quality preschool at no charge for families who qualify.

Children are funded to attend preschool for a minimum of 10 hours per week during the school year.

CPP classrooms meet quality standards and have small class sizes to provide a better learning

environment for children.

Parents may choose a childcare center or preschool for their child depending on availability.  

  Click here for ECHO & Family Center Early Childhood Education Partners

Families are a big part of a child’s learning experience. CPP helps support that!


Who is Eligible?

Your child may qualify if you think any of the following applies:

  - Concern with speech/language or other developmental concerns

  - Child’s first language is not English

  - Child is eligible for Head Start, but there are no openings

  - Siblings need special help in school, such as Special Education or Chapter I Reading

  - Child qualifies for Medicaid

  - Child is in Foster Care or has recently been returned to family from out of home


  - Child has significant health problems affecting development

  - Teen Parents

  - Parents need a high school diploma or G.E.D.

  - There are family stressors such as domestic violence, a custody suit, separation, death

      of a family member or other crisis.


How do I Apply:

To apply, a child must attend an ECHO vision, hearing and developmental screening.

For an appointment, or if you have questions about this free program, call ECHO at 719-276-6174



The Colorado Preschool Program is funded by the Colorado Legislature and sponsored by your school district to give children a

boost before they go to kindergarten.